Can I find out more without obligation?

Of course. Just give us a send an email. We’re happy to answer your questions.

Can I meet you before you house sit?

If you’re local to Sussex or in an area we’re visiting, we’d be happy to pop over and meet you and your pets before we house sit (again, with no obligation).

What happens if I book?

Once we’ve finalised the dates and you’ve made your booking (plus paid your deposit), we will arrive at a time convenient to you. If we haven’t already had chance (on a previous visit) to show us around and give instructions, it’s ideal to have an hour or 2 (dependant on the size of your property and amount of animals) to do so before you leave.

Please leave us all the information and any special instructions you like!

Most people tend to leave us written instructions about animal care and anything we need to know about the property too. As well as emergency contacts. Although, we’re also very happy to be shown about as well. We can also take notes too if need be.

We work to your instructions, so you can go away feeling relaxed.

Can you give me updates whilst I’m away?

Of course! We’re happy to email, text or phone as you request

What if there’s an emergency?

If there’s any problems with your pets or home, we will deal with this immediately. You are welcome to leave us instructions on this, for example, details of who to contact such as a vet or neighbour. We will also let you know straight away too.

What happens when I get home?

Most people like to come home to a clean, tidy, empty home with happy pets. If this is your preference we will leave shortly before you are due home (leaving any keys where instructed). We will also leave a note with any updates (and your post too).

However, if you prefer, we will wait until you’re home to depart and give you a full report in person.

What sort of animals do you look after?

We’ve cared for very many types of dogs, lots of cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, birds and many more besides. Please just ask. We’re not very experienced with horses and probably wouldn’t take on a farm but please always run it past us.

For more on our experience, please see our About Us page.

Do you look after the house and garden too?

We make sure to keep your home clean and tidy (just as you left it). If you already have a cleaner, we’re very happy for them to continue with their regular hours too (if that’s what you’d like).

We will water your house plants.

We’re also happy to let in other services, such as gardeners or builders.

We’re not expert gardeners but very happy to offer maintenance such as watering, mowing (or similar on instruction).

My pet is on medication, is that ok?

We’re very happy to continue any treatment you’re already giving your pet. Please just leave us instructions or show us how your pet needs this.

How well will my pets cope with different carers?

We have looked after very many sorts of pets. We’ve found that the majority of dogs (around 90%) adjust immediately. We find that as long as they continue to receive plenty of attention and their routine remains unchanged, they’re happy. There’s a small percentage of dogs that noticeably miss their owners (especially those of a more nervous disposition) but be reassured that this always passes within a day or two. We’ve noticed that the dog simply looks a bit more mopey or is a little shy. However, again with the steadiness of the continued routine and plenty of gentle loving kindness (and play) they adjust and their normal personality and happiness come bouncing back.

Again, cats are rarely adversely affected by the absence of their normal owner (as long as all the comforts remain the same) but occasionally are a little shy to begin with. Like dogs, they normally adjust within a day or two and if it’s their nature, come and get some strokes whilst sitting on a lap!

Is it better to have house sitters rather then put my pets in kennels?

We think it is because pets are not disrupted. They keep their routines, sleep in their beds and take walks they know.

Do you just look after properties too?

Yes. If for any reason you’d prefer to have someone stay in your property whilst you’re away, we offer this service too at the same cost.

Should I leave you some food for you?

We’re always very grateful for any food or drink you leave us but we will only consume what you instruct (and there’s no obligation to leave us anything).

What happens if I need to change or cancel my booking?

Sometimes plans change. We’re grateful for as much notice as possible and be flexible where we’re able. If you need to cancel within a week we are unfortunately unable to refund your deposit.

Please just get in touch if your question isn’t covered here or you’d like to book.