About Us

Us in New Zealand

We are Simon and Thea, a married couple who both absolutely love looking after pets.

We both grew up with animals and have been caring for them professionally together for over 10  years.

We started out house and pet sitting for relatives, friends and then friends of friends. Then this became our business and we were lucky enough to travel all over the country taking care of big beautiful homes and lovely animals. You can read some of our glowing testimonials here.

We absolutely love meeting new pets (and re-visiting old pet friends) and giving them the food and fuss they need (as well as very necessary litter/poop cleaning of course!).

You can count on us to care whilst you’re not there.

We understand how hard it can feel to leave your beloved animals at home whilst you’re at work or on holiday. But also, how nice it is for them to stay in their known and happy environment, so we’re so glad to make this possible.

We’ve looked after every type of dog and cat plus chickens, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, ducks, doves and chickens, goats and sheep. Check out the Pet Gallery for a few snaps of a few of the creatures in our care over the years.

We are also regularly invited back to the same homes we pet sit for. We’ve cared for all manner of pets with all sorts of personalities from a nervous Airedale who’d won puppy Crufts to a Ginger Tom that would go to work every day (he’d sleep in a box at the local factory!).

Simon is also a comedian and Thea a Life Coach.